Welcome to "Web Presence" Services!

Kicheko offers a range of web related services with the aim of facilitating and implementing your presence on the web. This means that instead of looking at the internet as a place where you go only to look for information, web services by Kicheko makes it possible for you and your business to use the internet to publish your information and make others access it.

Web presence is a very effective way to reach out to your customers, and for your customers to know of your company and products. The web is a powerful tool for marketing and sales. The “web presence” services offered by Kicheko includes Domain name registration, Web designing, Web hosting, Maintenance of websites, and E-mail aliasing.

Domain name registration is the service of registering your unique name which will identify you to all users of the internet worldwide. This name could be in the form of “www.company.com” or “www.company.co.tz”.

Web design is the service of professionally designing a web site with all the web pages and their links to other sites and pages. Website design is a professional job, which involves hours of planning and creating all requisite components and elements before uploading them together on to a web site. To get the best impact there is need for designers to combine various tools and programs.

Web hosting is the service of publishing your website on the internet and make sure it is accessible by internet users. Web hosting is best done by specialized powerful servers connected to the internet backbone at very high speed. Kicheko has both the hardware and software to host your website.

Web maintenance is the service of constantly updating the site with new and changing information content reflecting the current and most accurate situation in your company. The website needs to be followed up and monitored closely to make sure that it is always accessible. This service also involves processing customer feedbacks and tracing links to frequent visitors.

E-mail aliasing is the service of establishing e-mail addresses related to your domain name registered for your business over the internet. The e-mail addresses for above examples of domain names could be in the form of “you@company.com” or “you@company.co.tz

To find out how Kicheko can help you realize your business and personal objectives at rational cost, please contact us in Moshi on phone number (027) 275-4600, or e-mail us at info@kicheko.com.