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ReaDisc stands for "Read and Discuss". The ReaDisc System is an intranet system, which combines an online digital library and a discussion forum for instant feedback and interaction between Educators and Learners in any educational establishment.

If deployed and utilised properly, ReaDisc System has the potential to completely eliminate the need for a traditional physical library with chairs, tables and shelves full of books and instead allow all Learners to carry with them the entire library in a simple touch screen tablet wherever they are within the campus.

Among many benefits, is easy and cost effective sharing of scarce learning resources regardless of number of Learners. Even if the establishment has only one book then it can be shared online in real time by all, anytime and anywhere within the campus.

The discussion forum is divided into groups of common learning interest either by class, by subject or by topic and can be open to all group members or moderated by respective Educator. Topics learned by the group during the day can be discussed later in the evening with participation of the Educator to cover gaps and enhance learning. This provides immediate feedback and opportunity to put things right early on.

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“I would like to thank you for your outstanding service. I have only one regret; I wish I had known about you sooner. . .”

Jennifer Summer, USA

“I am your customer from those old good days when Kicheko unilaterally forced internet prices to go down significantly. I am amazed you are still going at same pace 15 years later. Keep it up”…

Victor Swai, Tanzania

"Thank you so much for the good service. I started to visit your Internet Cafe when I was not able to type anything but your staff were very patient and extremely helpful. Now I can do everything myself but can not forget your help and support" ...

Michael Molel, Tanzania


To become a client of Kicheko and enjoy its services is very easy. Just download the Registration Form, which also includes the Terms and Conditions of Service. Read the Terms and Conditions of Service and if you agree then fill the Registration Form and send as e-mail attachment. Our sales personnel will get in touch with you shortly.

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